All Travelled out!

I’ve just returned from the most enriching three months abroad, visiting 7 countries, 25 Cities and making connections with so many amazing humans. From CMA to Burning man I’ve had nothing short of the most inspiring time. One thing is for certain I am so bloody glad to be in the comfort of my own home, walking down the spring bloomed streets of thriving Mudgee, enjoying a fresh cup of Australian coffee.

Coming into the 2020 Season we have a lot happening here in the studio. More wedding films, a new photographer & editor under one roof and a whole lot of projects to share with you all, for those that’ve been a part of the journey with Feather and Birch for however long, I can’t say thank you enough, your support, referrals, kind words and endless good vibes have made my wildest dreams as a wedding photographer possible.

I’m so excited to create more friendships, memories and share the journey more openly: here in blog form, in some cheeky behind the scenes videos and on our socials through the season, Strap in and let’s have some fun!

- Love, Matty.

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